Grandstream GVC3200 Full HD Video Conferencing System

by Grandstream

(KES 126,000 exc VAT) KES 146,160
  • Advanced Video Support: 1080p Full-HD video, up to 9-way video conferences, support for 3 monitor outputs through 3 HDMI outputs, and a PTZ camera with 12x zoom
  • State-of-the-art hardware: extremely powerful hardware platform including a sophisticated MCU engine allowing up to 9-way hybrid-protocol conferencing with no external MCUs/servers or extra software licenses
  • High performance hardware ISP (Image Signal Processing) engine that ensures an industry leading video experience.
  • Easy Interoperability: offers industry leading flexibility by communicating with popular third-party SIP video conferencing platforms.
  • Based on the Android operating system and therefore can utilize Android apps (for example, Skype and Google Hangouts) for video conferencing
  • Easy Installation: open standard SIP system, easily installed in three simple steps via a built-in MCU making installlation as easy as possible.
  • Easy to Use: Plug & Play connection to Grandstream's IPVideoTalk Pro Video Conferencing Service for easy set up and use
  • Includes the Grandstream GAC2500 Android Enterprise Conference Phone
  • Content Sharing: share content with other viewers by connecting your laptop or computer to the GVC 3200 HDMI or VGA inputs


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Grandstream GVC3200 Full HD Video Conferencing System 

Grandstream GVC3200 Full HD Video Conferencing System is a ground-breaking solution for businesses. It is a revolutionary video conferencing system offering unprecedented flexibility, power of support for multiple popular video conferencing protocols and platforms right out of the box.The SIP-based Video Conferencing System supports Grandstream’s robust IPVideoTalk Pro Cloud Platform for Plug & Play video conferencing.
Being interoperable with any 3rd party SIP video conferencing platform offers a great option to expand or implement a 3rd party platform. Additionally, since it is based on Android 4.4, GVC 3200 offers full access to all video conferencing apps in the Google Play Store such as Skype®, Skype for Business®, Google Hangouts™ and more.
It also is equipped with an innovative, patent-pending embedded MCU that supports up to 9-way conferencing with local mixing between SIP and other protocols. GVC 3200 eliminates the traditional barriers to video conferencing and sets a new bar for business-class video conferencing solutions by offering industry-leading flexibility, interoperability, system compatibility, application richness and ease of use.
Grandstream GVC3200 Full HD Video Conferencing System includes:
  • GVC3200 video conference system
  • GAC2500 Android Enterprise Conference Phone
  • Remote Control
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • Universal Power Supply
  • Network cable (1.5 meters)
  • USB extension cable (5 meters)
  • Mounting kit
  • 4 HDMI cables (one 1.5 meter cable, two 3 meter cables and one 5 meter cable)
  • lens cover
  • lens cleaning cloth
  • quick installation guide
  • GPL license
  • 2 Year Warranty