Grandstream GVC3202 Grandstream Full HD SIP Video Conferencing System

by Grandstream

(KES 180,000 exc VAT) KES 208,800

Supports any SIP platform and any Android app - and can bridge calls from Android apps into SIP conference

• Built-in Bluetooth for use with Bluetooth speakers / microphones, keyboards, data exchange, etc.

• Support for 2 screens thanks to 2 HDMI outputs

• Experience the fastest possible connection speeds to maximize video quality

• Experience video resolutions up to 1080p

• A powerful 9x optical zoom offers robust video clarity

• Share a presentation with conference attendees or review a document

• Embedded MCU to allow up to 3 video attendees

• Local and far-end controllable PTZ camera with wide-angle lens

• The GVC3202 can reminds attendees 10 minutes before start-time and automatically call all participants

• Easily record all video conferences to document meetings



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Grandstream GVC3202 Grandstream Full HD SIP Video Conferencing System 

Grandstream GVC3202 Grandstream Full HD SIP Video Conferencing System offers businesses a video conferencing system with flexibility and the power of support for multiple popular video conferencing protocols, right out of the box.


The SIP-based GVC3202 supports Grandstream's IPVideoTalk platform for plug and play video conferencing while also being interoperable with any 3rd party SIP video conferencing platforms. Additionally, since it is based on Android 4.4, the GVC3202 offers full access to all video conferencing apps in the Google Play Store.


In comparison to the GVC3200, the GVC3202 offers a slightly lower capacity option for businesses looking for up to 3-way video-conferencing and support for up to 2 Full HD monitors.


The GVC3202 sports an innovative, patent-pending embedded MCU that supports up to 3-way conferencing with local mixing between SIP and other protocols.

GVC3202 Grandstream Full HD SIP Video Conferencing System specifications

  • 1080p Full-HD video, up to 3-way video conferences, support for 2 monitor outputs through 2 HDMI outputs
  • 3-way hybrid-protocol conferencing with no external MCUs/servers or extra software licenses
  • PTZ Camera with 9x optical zoom
  • Based on Android
  • Integrated Bluetooth, Gigabit ports, video recording,
  • Screen sharing through HDMI/VGA input
  • Installed in just 3 simple steps (connect to network, TV monitors and speaker/mic
  • Built-in Meeting scheduler
  • Plug and Play connection to Grandstream's IPVideoTalk video conferencing service
  • Supports third party SIP video conferencing platforms