Tenda TES7008 / Broadband CPE / 8 PORT GPON OLT

by Tenda

(KES 5,000 exc VAT) KES 5,800
  • •  Large capacity for ONTs deployment: Provide 8 PON ports, maximum support 1024 ONT terminals.
  • •  High bandwidth uplink ports: 4 *Gigabit Ethernet uplink ports, 4 *Gigabit optical ports and 2* 10-Gigabit uplink ports.
  • •  Easy to manage, support CLI, SNMP, TELNET, SSH, WEB Interface Management.
  • •  Desktop design, flexible deployment.
  • •  Support dual power input.
  • •  Support QoS feature.
  • •  Support 3-Layer Switching.


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Tenda TES7008 / Broadband CPE / 8 PORT GPON OLT 

 TES7008 is a terminal device that meets maximum 1024 GPON ONT access, follows ITU G.984.x standard, and is compatible with ITU-T G.984.4/G.988 OMCI protocol also.


TES7008 can provide 1*USB interface, 4*uplink GE ports, 4*uplink optical ports, 2*10-gigabit uplink ports, and 8*GPON ports ( splitting ratio of 1:128 and provide downstream bandwidth of 2.5Gbps and upstream bandwidth of 1.25Gbps for each port ). Adapt varies scenario such as residential areas, office buildings, urban or rural network construction, video surveillance and so on.

Dual power input mode, which can be switched according to the working scenario. Support dual DC, dual AC or AC&DC power supply, effectively ensure the stable operation of equipment.

Management Rack
1U19-inch standard box
Uplink Port
4 *10/100/1000 Mauto-negotiation Ethernet ports
4 *SFP Optical ports , 2 *SFP ( 10-Gigabit ports)
PON Port
8*SFP slot
Follow ITU-TG.984.2 ClassB /ClassC
Max splitting ratio :1/128
Power on/off Button
Optical Mode
Class B /Class C
Optical Wavelength
Transmit at 1310nm, Receive at 1490nm
Management Port
1 100/1000 BASE-Txout-band Ethernet port
1 CONSOLE local management port
USB Port
1*USB interface(It’s used to backup configuration,upgrade program, and record log information)
Backplane Bandwidth
Power supply
Power Consumption
Support device log,device upgrade,device management,condition monitoring,configuration management,and user management
Layer2 switching configuration management:Like port management,VLAN,RSTP,IGMP,ACL,QOS and so on.
PON functioncon figuration management:Like OLT authentication, DBA template,service template,line template and so on.
Layer3 function:support static router,dhcp-client,dhcp-relay and vlanif configuration
PON Features
Standard OMCI management function
Support 1:128 splitting ratio for each PON port
Support AES 128 encryption for uplink and downlink data transmission
DBA algorithm, support 5 DBA types
ONU management (remote configuration, upgrade, monitor)
ONU authentication
PON Isolation/ ONU Isolation
802.3x flow control configuration
Port mirror
Broadcast/Multicast/Unicast storm control
Speed and duplex mode configuration
DHCP Server
DHCP Client
DHCP snooping
VLAN ID: 1~4094
The ports support Access, Trunk and Hybrid mode
Support QinQ
Support VLAN translation
Support PVID configuration
Support 802.1q VLAN
IGMP v1/v2 snooping
IGMP fast leave
IGMP snooping querier
Multicast VLAN
Quality of Service
Support 802.1p QoS
4 priority queues
Priority schedule mode: SP, WRR, SP WRR
Support basic ACL, advance ACL and link ACL
Basic ACL: source IP
Advance ACL: source IP, destination IP, source port,destination port, DSCP and IP message type
Support 802.1p priority, VLAN ID, TOS, DSCP remark
Link ACL: source MAC, destination MAC, VLAN ID,Ethernet type
MAC Address
MAC address table: 64K
Aging time configuration
Support MAC address limits
Support 256 black hole MAC address
Support 10K Static MAC address
Load balance based on S-MAC, D-MAC, S-IP, D-IP
Support 802.1ad link aggregation
Spanning Tree
Support CLI, EMS management based on SNMP,Console
Operation Temperature
0°c ~ 45°c
Storage Temperature
-40°c~ 85°c
Operating Humidity
10% ~ 90% (Non-condensing)
Storage Humidity
5% ~ 90% (Non-condensing)