120" X 120" Motorized Electric Projector Screen

by Generic

(KES 30,000 exc VAT) KES 34,800
  • Motorised projection screen with built-in electric motor
  • synchronised motor system that delivers smooth operation
  • 120" X 120" display dimension (diagonal) & Square format
  • Remote control Included in pack
  • Control lever to unfold to, depending on requirement
  • Elegant coated alluminum casing houses the screen
  • Rugged, quality components for overall durability
  • Matte white quality fabric for sharp display
  • Black borders for excellent display contrast
  • Smooth roll-down and roll-up operation


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120" X 120" Electric Projector Screen Mtech

120" X 120" Electric Projector Screen from the leading electric, manual and Tripod projector screen in Nairobi Kenya, Buy 120"X 120" Electric Projector Screen online and have it delivered.
120" X 120" Electric projector screen surface is a great choice when video images are the main source of information being projected and where ambient light is moderately controlled. 120"X 120" Electric projector screen specially designed gray base material and reflective top surface, this screen material is able to provide very good black levels without sacrificing the white level output.
Electric projector screen is designed for a professional-grade widescreen display, our 120 x 120 electric projection screen in quality matte white fabric is your ultimate projector screen. Its great for auditoriums, lecture halls, boardrooms, conference rooms, churches etc.
120"X 120" motorized projector screen has all the features to deliver the best display support for your presentations. Electric 120?X 120? projector screen helps the user to enjoy easy push-button operation with this remote-controlled electric projection screen.
120"X 120" Electric projector screen  With a touch of the button, you easily roll up or down as required. With its auto-locking mechanism, you get variable height settings as you can lock the screen at any height you choose. Electric 120"X 120" projector screen is built to offer you durable service with top performance, our 120 x 120 projection screen is made of high-quality components.
The scratch-resistant solid casing will protect this screen for years to come. The rugged, quiet-running motor of the screen is assured to deliver the long-life performance you expect. And the professional grade matte white screen fabric will provide outstanding quality visuals year in, year out.
120" x 120" electric screen is a wide display unit, great when you want the pictures large. With a durable screen casing, this screen is protected when not in use, ensuing long service life. The black borders of the 120” motorised screen provides display contrast that sharpens the image’s visual highlight.

 120" x 120" electric screen Specifications

Display Size — 100 in 100 in —
Image Aspect Ratio 4:3 16:9 16:9 4:3
Item Dimensions — 95.67 x 4.72 x 4.33 in 2.8 x 93.8 x 59.8 in —
Size 120" 4:3 16:9 without stand 100" 104-inch Motorized Screen
- Diagonal: 120" - Aspect Ratio: 4:3 - Viewing Area Size dimensions: 97" × 72" - Fold: 97"L × 3.94"W × 2.76"D
Screen Material - All screens are made with a high quality material which has multilayer matte white with a black backing
- High contrast 1.2 gain screen that is washable with water
- 1.18" black masking borders to enhance picture contrast
- 180° viewing angle perfect for residential or commercial use
- 3 layer black backed screen which eliminates light penetration and produces top quality color reproduction
- Static resistant, fire retardant
Casing & Installation - Durable steel casing with plastic ends- Black
- Wall or ceiling assembly - Simple plug and play system
Motor System - Energy efficient, quiet motor that enhances longevity
Control System - RF remote control distance 25m - Wall mountable control panel for use without remote