1.5mm twin flat electrical cable

by powermax

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Main Features:
- 1.5mm² copper conductor size, Nominal Overall Diameter 8.8mm x 4.55mm
- 2 Core & Earth Cable with Two Brown coloured cores as indicators with bare earth (to be sleeved with *Green/Yellow Earth Sleeving*)
- High quality solid plain copper cores, Insulated/Sheathed with Rigid, Harmonized Grey PVC.
- Suitable for voltages up to a maximum voltage of 300/500V and maximum current of 18A.
- Suitable for Temperatures between 0°C and +70°C


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1.5mm twin flat electrical cable 

1.5mm twin flat electrical cable is a quality, well constructed product which is easily stripped and worked with. General purpose T&E cable, mainly used in house wiring, power and lighting circuits, such as fluorescent lighting and Office & Shop Lighting

1.5mm twin flat electrical cable specification

  • Conductor Size: 1.5mm
  • Nominal Diameter: 8.8mmx4.5mm
  • Cores: 2+E
  • Core Colours: Brown
  • Conductor Material: Grey Harmonised PVC
  • Conductor Material: Solid Copper
  • Voltage: <300/500V
  • Max Load: 18A
  • Operable Temperature: 0°C - 70°C
- Conforms to BS6004 and BASEC approved.

twin flat 1.5mm  electrical cable