Aclas CRBX ETR Machine Configuration


KES 55,000 Excl. Tax KES 57,000



PLU: 10000 items
Departments: 8
Clerk 25
Display: 14 characters
Type of payment: cash and invoice
Printing speed: 150 mm/s
Battery: 7.4V, 1400mAH capacity
Consumables-thermopaper roll: paper width 57mm
Report: Daily report, X reports, PLU report & Fiscal Monthly report
Weight: 0.52 Kg
Model NumberCRBX ETR


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Aclas CRBX ETR Machine Configuration 

Aclas ETR Machine is easy to use the device, its manual clearly indicates the procedure to use when feeding the device. Aclas ETR machine is a long-lasting device with a battery that can keeps charges for weeks without the need of the user charging the device constantly.

How to Use Aclas ETR Machine


  1. Switch on the device
  2. Ensure you have the sales mode display 0
  3. Key in amount( should always be VAT inclusive where applicable)
  4. Press one of the VAT keys(DP1)/5=16%, DP2/6=0%,DP3/7=EXEMPT)
  5. Press SBTL key to confirm the amount in transaction
  6. To end a transaction, press the CASH key: the device issues a fiscal receipt.

To correct errors

This can only be done before pressing the CASH key.. It is therefore advisable to press SUBT  key before the CASH one for confirmation.  Press on the SHIFT key then   EC/VOID    key to cancel receipt completely then start afresh TO LOGOUT OUT CLERK, PRESS 0,THEN CLERK. TO LOGIN PRESS 1, CLERK, INPUT PASSWORD 0000 THEN PRESS CASH  


This is where you get the total sales for the day. it should be done at the end of the day when you have transacted. there is no need to do this if yo have not done any sales in the day.

Steps in issuing a Daily Z-Report

  • press C then press clerk
  • Scroll using CLERK the button until Z mode
  • Press CASH
  • Input the password i.e 0000 then press CASH
  • Shows Daily Z press CASH again


  • ress C then press clerk
  • Scroll using CLERK the button until Z mode Press CASH
  • Input the password i.e 0000 then press CASH
  • Using  CLERK scroll to get Fiscal report, PRESS CASH
  • Using CLERK scroll to get summary
  • Press CASH until it shows (from date), PRESS CASH again
  • Input date e.g (010311310311) for monthly report of March i.e 01 March 2011 to 31 March 2011 beginning date and end date together without any spacing, then CASH
  • Device issues the monthly report

  General Specifications 

  • Paper width: 57mm
  • Printers speed: 60mm/s max
  • Display: 6 8 Alphanumeric LCD
  • KRA Approved Etr Machine 
  • Intergrated GPRS module for connection to any on-line system 
  • Fast Silent Printer 
  • Drop-in paper loading mechanism for easy handling of paper roll – Multipurpose keys are located on the keyboard with pre-assigned functions 
  • Operator and customer display 
  • 60 hours standby mode. 
  • Backlight-can work in dark places 
  • Paper width of upto 57mmx42mm
  • Printing of receipt duplicates
  • Ideal for use in busy retail outlets 
  • Keeping daily sales and total turn-overs 
  • Auto update of date and time 
  • 1 year warranty on all new machines 
  • We offer free training,configuration and 24/7 customer support after purchase