Bosch CYL-9 Natural 6mm Stone Drill Bit

by APC

KES 780 Excl. Tax
  • Ceramic
  • Rienforced head
  • Carbide tip
  • CYL
  • Centering tip


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Bosch CYL-9 Natural 6mm Stone Drill Bit 

Bosch CYL-9 Natural 6mm Stone Drill Bit Multi construction bits have a tungsten carbide tip so, therefore, can be used for drilling masonry, wood, aluminium and very effective on most ceramics. For use on rotary action only (hammer action must be switched off). Bosch CYL-Ceramic drill bit is suitable for drilling in soft and medium density tiles.A highly durable accessory with a rienforced carbide head.

Bosch 6mm CYL-9 multi-construction drill bit (part number 2-608-596-053) is suitable for drilling practically all materials in interior fitting work, including concrete, brick, wood, plastic, thin sheet metals, ceramic and tile. CYL-Ceramic drill bit  multi-purpose drill bit has an active centring tip for a precise start and good control when drilling. It also has sharp, diamond-ground cutting edges for an extra-long lifetime.

The drill bit's 4-flute dura design ensures perfect results when drilling with or without impact, and diameter-optimised brazing and hardening technology reduces vibration levels.

  • Diameter: 6mm
  • Working length: 60mm
  • Total length: 100mm