Crucial DDR4 32GB 3200MHz Desktop RAM


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  • Improve your system's responsiveness, run apps faster, and multitask with ease
  • Install with ease; no computer skills required instruction guides available on Crucial
  • Compatibility guarantee when using the Crucial System Scanner or Crucial Advisory Tool
  • Micron quality and reliability are backed by top-level component and module testing and 42 years of memory experience
  • ECC type = non-ECC, form factor = UDIMM, number of pins = 288 pins, PC speed = PC4-25600, voltage = 1.2 V, range and configuration = 2Rx8
Model NumberCrucial DDR4 32GB


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Crucial Desktop RAM DDR4 32GB 3200 

  • Brand: Crucial
  • Type: DDR4 Desktop RAM
  • Capacity: 32GB
  • Memory Speed: 3200MHz
  • Voltage: Standard DDR4 voltage (1.2V)
  • Form Factor: DIMM (Dual In-Line Memory Module) for desktops
  • CAS Latency (CL): Specific CAS latency value not provided (common values include CL16, CL18, etc.)
  • Timing: Specific timing details (e.g., 16-18-18) not provided
  • Module Configuration: Single module (32GB)
  • Memory Rank: Not specified
  • Error Checking: Non-ECC (Error-Correcting Code)
  • Registered/Unbuffered: Unbuffered
  • ECC: No
  • Heat Spreader: Not specified (some modules may include a heat spreader for better thermal performance)
  • Compatibility: Designed for desktops supporting DDR4 memory
  • Color: Typically green PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
  • Additional Features:
    • XMP (eXtreme Memory Profile) support for easy overclocking (if supported by the motherboard)
    • Designed for high performance and reliability


Memory speed 3200 MHz
Brand Crucial
Product model number CT32G4DFD832A
Product weight 0.563 ounces
Product dimensions 5.25 x 0.03 x 1.23 inches
Item dimensions Length x Width x Height 5.25 x 0.03 x 1.23 inches
Computer memory type DDR4 SDRAM
Voltage 1.2 Volts
Maker Crucial
Country of origin China
Product on from January 28, 2020