Fingerprint Biometric Access Control System Installation

by Zkteco

KES 145,000 Excl. Tax

·         Safety

·         Communication

·         Storage Capacity

·         Multipurpose

·         Precise

·         Battery Backup

·         Economical choice

·         Support Services

Fingerprint Zkteco, Surema and Hikvision


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Fingerprint Biometric Access Control System Installation

Fingerprint biometric access control system works on substantiation. Biometric Access Control system scans the person and matches his/her biometric data with the previously stored information in the database before he/she can access the secured zone or resources.


If the compared information matches, the Biometric access Control system allows the person to access the resources. Today, the Biometric Access Control system is considered to be the best and one of the most secure authentication systems amongst the other access control devices.

Fingerprint access control is the smart solution for total security. Fingerprint access control terminal has the ability to truly protect digital information and physical property by removing old obstacles that can help any enterprise have the security they need.

There are many reasons behind using a fingerprint access control system for maintaining and monitoring your company’s flow of visitors and employees. When you consider how “unsafe” other safety measures really are, it becomes clearer why this biometric protection is necessary.

Fingerprint access control terminals identify unauthorized users through advanced features such as Man Trap and Smart Card based Identification. The fingerprint is unique to every individual.

Hence, this eliminates the prospect of unauthorized entry. Fingerprints are easy to scan for the employees and are a sure-fire when it comes to absolutely accurate identification.

Registering employee’s fingerprints enables them to be identified through a fingerprint access control terminal. Biometric access control allows oganisation to take control of employees.

Biometric fingerprint recognition technology allows introducing time& attendance control by using a fingerprint biometric time&attendance control terminal.

Using the TCP/IP-based internet network, the entry and exit paths and status at the entrance door can be easily monitored and tracked on a real-time basis. A centralized control center can manage the entrance of business centers in multiple locations easily.

Biometric access control offers convenient entry management and visitor tracking capacity with its built-in programs to authorize the people to enter and designate the entry time and restricted areas

ZK-teco F18 fingerprint Biometric access control terminals

Zk-Teco F18 biometric access control terminal is an innovative biometric fingerprint reader for access control applications.

 F18 has high-performance firmware functions and compact design, it has become one of ZKTeco’s most popular devices.

Zk-Teco F18 biometric access control terminal is applied with ZKTeco’s latest firmware with user-friendly UI and flexible user privilege settings for multi-level management. 

ZK-Teco F18 uses ZMM210 core-board with 1.2Ghz CPU. With the optimization of both the hardware platform and firmware, the new f18 is able to verify fingerprints with even higher efficiency.

F18 device offers the flexibility of both standalone installation and installation with any third-party access control panels which support standard Wiegand signal. TCP/IP and RS485 are also available which enable F18 to be applied in different networks.

F18 features the fastest commercial-based fingerprint matching algorithm and ZK high-performance, high-image quality infrared detection fingerprint sensor. The device offers flexibility to be INSTALLED standalone or with any third party access control panels’ .that support standard Wiegand signal.

 All the operations can be done on the TFT-LCD color screen. The fingerprint image will be displayed on it. That will guide user to put finger on proper position and increase recognition rate. TCP/IP and RS485 are available that the device can be used in different network

Fingerprint Capacity

3000 Templates

Card Capacity

5,000 (Optional)

Transaction Capacity

30,000 Transactions


ZK Optical Sensor

Algorithm Version

ZK Finger VX9.0&10.0


RS232/485, TCP/IP, USB-host

Access Control Interface

3rd Party Electric Lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button, Alarm, Doorbell

Wiegand Signal

Input and Output


TFT LCD Color Screen

Interface Styles

Common, Matrix and Magic styles

Standard Function

Webserver, Anti-passback

Optional Function

ID Card, Mifare Card

Power Supply

12V DC,3A

Operating Temperature

0 ℃- 45 ℃

Operating Humidity




ZKteco K40 Biometric time attendance terminal

ZKteco K40 time attendance terminal is an innovative biometric fingerprint reader for access control application. With high-performance firmware functions and compact design, it has become one of ZKTeco’s most popular devices in Kenya,

K40 Time attendance is  ZKTeco’s latest firmware with user-friendly UI and flexible user privilege settings for a multi-level man With the optimization of both hardware platform and firmware. The device offers TCP/IP, USB host, Built-in battery, Simple access control or external bell, SSR report in excel forms, Supports WDMS.

ZK 40 Fingerprint time attendance terminals futures

·         FingerprintCapacity 1000 (2000 without SSR )

·         IDCard Capacity 1000 (Optional)

·         RecordCapacity 80,000

·         Display2.8-inch TFT Screen

·         CommunicationTCP/IP, USB Host

·         StandardFunctions WDMS,Web Server, SMS, Automatic Status Switch,Self-ServiceQuery, Work Code, T9

·         input,9 Digits User ID, DST, Schedule Bell

·         OptionalFunctions ID/Mifare

· 3.0

·         PowerSupply DC 12V 1.5A

·         VerificationSpeed ≤0.5 sec

·         OperatingTemp. 0 °C- 45 °C

·         OperatingHumidity 20%-80%

·         Dimension184 × 136 × 37.6 (Length × Width × Thickness)

ZKTeco iClock 680 Fingerprint Biometric access control

ZKTeco iClock 680 Fingerprint Biometric access control is easy to install, and with a modern design, it is the perfect solution for all kinds of installations.  IClock 680 It incorporates 1,3M pixels camera for taking user photos and sending black/white photos lists to the server.

iClock 680 Fingerprint Biometric access control colour TFT display offers users easy menu management. The iClock-680 is based on ZEM800 platform which allows more memory capacity and professional firmware functions. iClock 680 Fingerprint Biometric access control can connect to Time & Attendance management software by Ethernet or USB port (optionally it can work by Wifi and GPRS), and also operate on standalone mode, downloading data by USB pendrive. For access control, it allows time zones and groups and the relay can be connected to lock or external siren.

ZKTeco iClock 680 is compatible with a variety of software including a range of ZKTeco brand software. Take a look at the Software Tab above and see what options are available for this unit and find a feature set that meets your requirements.

iClock 680 is compatible with various types of USB flash disks, ADMS and former SDK. It also supports data backup and retrieve to avoid the risk of accidental deletion.The iClock680 has access control interfaces for retrieval,Wiegand-out, door lock connection, alarm, and bell.

ICLOCK 680 Technical Specifications


Fingerprint Capacity


ID Card Capacity

10,000 (Optional)

Record Capacity



3.5-inch Screen


TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB(host & Client)

Standard Functions

Workcode, SMS, DST, Scheduled-bell, Self-Service Query, Automatic Status Switch, T9 input,and photo-ID , 9 digit user ID

Optional Functions

ID/Mifare/HID, Webserver and Wi-Fi,3G and GPRS



Power Supply

DC 12V 1.5A

Verification Speed

≤ 1 sec

Operating Temp.

0°C- 45°C

Operating Humidity



250.6×150×41.6mm (Length×Width×Thickness)

Gross Weight

1.40 kg


Zk-Teco iClock 880 Access Control and Time & Attendance Reader

iClock 880  Fingerprint Time Attendance & Access Control Device time & attendance and access control terminal uses ZKTeco’s latest high performance processing platform and advanced fingerprint algorithms to improve identification speed. iClock 880  terminal can store up to 50000 fingerprint templates. Additional features include a camera and 3.5” color TFT-LCD display.

iClock 880 terminal Communication interfaces include Ethernet, Serial/485 and USB-Host. Backup battery is standard to provide protection during power loss events. Offering integrated access control functions, it can be used in multi-factor identification modes including fingerprint, password, RFID card or any combination.

ZK iClock 880 Fingerprint Biometric System is a 3.5-inch Access control and Time Attendance Terminal and is made with latest connectivity options of Wi-Fi, GPRS, multi-keypad options, and onboard battery to amalgamate flexibility and convenience to provide more effective user interaction.

 If you are looking for a biometric system that is equipped with smart features and also well within your budget, then this ZK Office Biometric System would be your ideal choice. Offering great functionality, convenient user interface and easy mode of operation, this biometric system is the new age ultimate identity recognizing device.

ZK iClock 880 Biometric System measures (213*475*178) mm (Length*Width*Thickness) and offers incredible user experience. With an operating temperature of (0 °C- 45 °C) and operating humidity of20% to 80%, this biometric device is structured with state-of-the-art technology. iClock 880  TFT display screen size of 3.5 inches, this biometric device sports an appealing black color.

ZK iClock 880 Office Biometric System also offers amazing features like Ethernet, standard battery backup, Serial/485 and USB-Host. It also offers consolidated access control facilities, which can be applied in various identification features like password, fingerprint, RFID card, etc.

ZK iClock 880 Fingerprint Biometric System Specs






















000templates, 50, 8 user-defined function keys, Audible and Visual indications,Internal Camera, Multi language support, Optional integrated proximity, Relaycontacts, smart card reader, Standard backup battery