Flasher light Kenya

by Fire

KES 1,900 Excl. Tax
  • Fixed 60 (fpm) flash per minute flasher for loads up to 1 A @120VAC
  • Simple, 2 wire hookup
  • Totally encapsulated & Solid State
  • High In-rush capability
  • Mounting No. 8 or 10 Screw (not included)


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Flasher light Kenya 

Flasher light Kenya 2 Wire Traffic Light Flasher (120VAC, 7 to 100W) great for flashing 1 single LED traffic signal light or any AC light. Flasher light is designed in different colours for all general warning purposes e.g. "Huge Vessel Light" or "Dangerous Cargo Light". The Flashing lights fulfil all requirements of IMO Anti Collision Regulations and local rules. Flasher light high-intensity Flashing lights with their special plastic housing come with several flash rates. You can choose between 60, 120 or 180 flashes per minute.

Flasher light specifications

Input Voltage 24V -110V
Lighting Type LED
Body Material Plastic
Power Type Battery
Lighting Color YELLOW
Wattage 12W
Voltage 110V