Home Desktop phone with simcard slot

by Huawei

KES 3,900 Excl. Tax KES 4,200

Desktop phone Huawei B6188 Landline is designed for desktop use, with its 200 phone book space this phone is suitable for small and medium organisation. this phone can also be used for homes as the only difference with a smart phone is that is more of a fixed phone.



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Home Desktop phone with sim card slot 

Huawei 6188 Desktop phone display screen is sleekly designed with backlight LCD. with its large screen, one is able to view and send messages. the LCD lighting makes it possible, for one to use the phone in poorly lighted rooms.

Home Desktop phone Huawei 6188 Landline has a large phone book of 200 hundred entries, with this phone you don't need a note book to record your friends and family number with its phone book space plus sim card space your contacts will be secured. the phone has the capability of storing 50 text messages.

Desktop phone Huawei 6188 Landline specification

  • Supports all networks ie Safaricom,Airtel & Orange
  • GPRs
  • LCD display
  • Handsfree and speakerphone
  •  200 entries phonebook
  • 16 selectable ringtones
  • 50 memories of incoming & outgoing SMS

Desktop phone Huawei 6188 Landline

Huawei 6188 Desktop phone

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