HP 2540 Laptop Keyboard

by HP

KES 2,500 Excl. Tax KES 3,000

Letter: English

Regulatory Approval: CE,UL

Remark: Ribbon cable included

Note: *With Pointing Stick (Pointer) *4 Screw Stand for Mounting

Color: Black
Condition: Brand New
Availability: In Stock


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HP 2540 Laptop Keyboard 

HP 2540 Laptop Keyboard Key Replacement is 100% OEM, It will offer you with perfect fit and finish, but keep in mind during production multiple vendors were used in making these keyboards and therefore resulting in different versions of the retainer clips under the keycap, HP 2540 Laptop Keyboard Hinges are the small plastic clips located underneath each key.

Most laptops use multiple keyboard manufacturers, so replacement keys are not a universal fit! Ordering by your laptop model alone is not enough.

HP 2540 Laptop Keyboard futures

Ergonomic designed. Hot Keys fitted. Media Keys fitted. Legitimate standard. Freshly gleaned.