HP ProBook 4310s - 4311S Laptop Keyboard

by HP

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HP ProBook 4310s - 4311S Laptop

HP ProBook 4310s - 4311S Laptop keys' slightly textured, scratch-resistant finish, and their comfortable spacing. Unlike the 15- and 17-inch versions of the ProBook, the 4310s lacks a number pad--not that we expect one on a 13-inch system. HP ProBook 4310s keyboard is spill-resistant, to boot.

On the other hand, once we started pounding out documents a bit more furiously, the keyboard flexed a little. Then again, this might have something to do with the fact that we tested a preproduction unit.

HP says that the final units offer structural changes designed to reduce the keyboard's flex. HP ProBook 4310s keyboard 2.8 x 1.4-inch touchpad is plenty large, and the rubbery texture provides the right amount of friction. The touch buttons--like those on the other ProBook models--feel like trap doors.

Instead of being straightforward push buttons, they're hinged at the top, so only the part closest to the edge of the notebook depresses.

We would have preferred traditional buttons. They're smaller on the 4310s than on the 4510 and 4710, but are still awkward.

HP ProBook 4310s - 4311S Laptop Keyboard specifications

  • Layout: QWERTY layout
  • Key Count: Standard 101-key layout (approximate)
  • Function Keys: Special function keys for volume, brightness, etc.
  • Key Switch Type: Typically scissor-switch keys or membrane keys
  • Backlighting: Not commonly available in laptops of this generation
  • Connectivity: Built-in keyboard interface (usually integrated into the motherboard)
  • Material: Durable plastic with key labels printed or engraved
  • Key Travel: Around 1.5 to 2 millimeters (typical for laptop keyboards)
  • Key Size: Standard laptop key size and spacing
  • Special Keys: May include dedicated keys for power, sleep, and multimedia functions