Instant Shower Water Heater Small

by powermax

KES 2,800 Excl. Tax KES 3,000
  1. Perfect for small studio use
  2. Endless hot water offer
  3. Money saver on electricity bill
  4. Multiple stranded wire makes connection much easier
  5. Unbeatable price
  6. Stable water temperature


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Instant Shower Water Heater Small 

Instant Shower Water Heater – Small makes bathing to be  most enjoyable thing in our daily life, when you stop your busy work and go back home, a hot and satisfying bath relieve all your pressure and tiredness. To realize it, you need to get a best tankless water heater for shower, it provides constantly hot water for you and you can use it instantly no matter in a busy morning or at mid night.

Instant Shower Water Heater  Small specification

  • Perfect for single room use

The temperature range of it is between 50 and 70 degrees F, and maximum flow rate reaches up to 4 gallons per minute. If you intend to get one for single bathroom use, then this can be a perfect one. In warm areas, it supports one bathroom and faucet the same time effectively.

  • Fast heating time

It heats water fast, takes about 15 seconds only for hot water flowing to your destination in normal occasions. But if the heater is set quite far, then it may take a bit longer. Once it turns on, you can enjoy endless hot water in bathing.

  • Easy installation

The installation of it is quite simple and straight forward, you can hook it up all by yourself and takes about 1 hour only. By doing it yourself, large amount of installation costs are saved. However, if you really do not know how to do it, you can get a professional to help you, safety is the primary thing after all.

  • Stylish compact design

The compact design makes it a perfect one for small or tiny studio use, you can hook it up on your bathroom wall directly and it occupies only small piece of space.