Inverter 600 VA -Sollatek

by Luminous

KES 18,000 Excl. Tax
  • ✔ Output Power: 0.6 KVA
  • ✔ Voltage: 12 V
  • ✔ Technology: IGBT based PWM technology
  • ✔ WaveForm: Quasi Sine Wave
  • ✔ Recharge Time: 6 Hr(s)
  • ✔ Warranty: 2 Year(s)
  • ✔ Segments: Home


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Inverter 600 VA -Sollatek 

Inverter 600 VA -Sollatek Provide backup power to your home appliances at your home with the Luminous 600VA Inverter. It can be used to protect the appliances from problems like power surge and low voltage fluctuations. 600VA Inverter comes in a compact design and it works based on IGBT based PWM technology to deliver the required operational efficiency for a perfect output.

600VA Inverter is designed using IGBT based PWM technology The PWM technology is designed to produce steady output voltage with respect to any type of load conditions. It can be done by just adjusting the width of switch frequency. The wave output that is produced comes in a Quasi Sine waveform. 600VA Inverter consists of a flat increase in positive voltage and drops drastically to zero for a minimum period of time.

And, it drops again to flat increase in negative voltage. It goes back to zero and then returns to positive level. It thus offers more amount of power to 50 Hz frequency of AC. 600VA Inverter provides a power output of 0.6 KVA at a nominal input voltage. The inverter has a recharge time of just 6 hours.

 600VA Inverter Specs

Output Power: 0.6 KVA
Voltage: 12 V
Technology: IGBT based PWM technology
WaveForm: Quasi Sine Wave
Recharge Time: 6 Hr(s)
Warranty: 2 Year(s)
Segments: Home