Jamii Telcom Faiba 4G MIFI

by Faiba

KES 6,600 Excl. Tax KES 7,800
  • A 1GB daily bundle costs Kshs. 50/=
  • If you want a weekly bundle, you will have to part with Kshs. 300 and get a whopping 8GB
  • For those who like monthly data plans, you can grab 25GB at Kshs. 1,000/=


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Jamii Telcom Faiba 4G MIFI 

 Faiba 4G MIFI Faiba 4G network uses the regular mobile network but it works on 4G only. This means increased speed to the end users. Faiba 4G bundles are quite cheap compared to the other networks bearing in mind that they have the fastest network.

Jamii Telcom Faiba 4G MIFI  2000mAh battery is built in. But since the back is easily removable, one can with a little work change it in case over time it degrades.

Jamii Telcom Faiba 4G MIFI specifications

Device type: Faiba4G MiFi
GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900
HSDPA: 900, 2100, HSPA+
LTE: LTE-FDD: 800, 900, 1800, 2600
Dimensions (H/L/W): 14.1 x 104 x 64.5 mm, vol. 94.2 cm³
Weight: 105 g
WiFi 802.11b/g/n
Built-in antena: YES
WiFi router: YES
LTE Download Speeds: 150 Mb/s
LTE Upload Speeds: 50 Mb/s
USB: Micro USB 2.0
Battery Size: 2000mAh

Faiba 4G Data Prices:

1GB Ksh. 50 1 day
8GB Ksh. 300 7 days
15GB Ksh. 500 30 days
25GB Ksh. 1000 30 days
40GB Ksh. 2000 30 days
70GB Ksh. 3000 30 days
120GB Ksh. 4000 30 days
210GB Ksh. 6000 30 days