Luminous 24V 1500VA Solar Hybrid Inverter

by Luminous

KES 28,000 Excl. Tax
  • Solar hybrid Inverter with inbuilt 40 amp PWM Charge controller
  • Delivers both AC & DC output
  • Up to 1000W PV Module solar panel compatibility
  • Intelligent fuzzy logic technology
  • Saves on electricity bill
  • Pure Sine wave output for equipment safety
  • Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Battery low cut off protection
  • Offers Battery Selection for best results – Tubular/ Flat / Gel or VLRA


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Luminous 24V 1500VA Solar Hybrid Inverter 

Luminous 24V 1500VA Solar Hybrid Inverter from the leading inverter dealer in Nairobi, buy online Luminous 24V 1500VA Solar Hybrid Inverter and have them delivered to you.


Luminous 1.5kVA 24V Solar Hybrid inverter, you simply install your solar panels and you are good to go. And when it comes to choosing the solar panel to use, you can find them right here. Luminous 1.5kVA 24V Solar Hybrid inverter Check the list of product accessories for the 1500VA as listed in the accessories tab below and you can add your choice of panels to your order for the Luminous 1500VA Solar Hybrid.


1500VA Luminous is a 24V inverter, running on a minimum of two units of 12V battery. The 200Ah battery capacity will be recommended, though other battery capacities will work, depending on total load. Feel free to choose from the list of quality battery brands with reliable performance, listed on the accessories tab for this product.

  • Intelligent logic control (simultaneous charging solar-mains with priority to solar)
  • Pure sine wave UPS with 85% efficiency
  • Intelligent Solar Optimization Technique (ISOT)
  • Inbuilt charge controller with 98% efficiency
  • Intelligent battery monitoring
  • Battery charging commences at 110Volt mains voltage
  • Equipped with battery type selection
  • Output for both AC as well as DC.
  • Battery safety – deep discharge protection, overcharge protection, short circuit protection, battery type selection
  • Pure sine wave UPS output
  • DC load O/P of 12V 20amp in 850VA and 12V 5Amp in 1500VA
  • Wide choice of panel: 400W to 1000W (500VA , 850VA & 1500VA)


1500VA (1.5kVA)
Voltage (Input):
Max Bulb Load (Output)):
1200 Watts
Maximum Charging Current (battery):
Gross Weight (Kg.):
Dimension LxWxH (cm):