Panasonic Kx-TS500 Extension phone

by Panasonic

KES 2,700 Excl. Tax
  • Single line Telephone
  • Last number redial
  • Wall mountable
  • 3 step ringer volume control
  • 5 step handset volume control
  • Wall mountable
  • Switchable Tone/Pulse setting
  • Electronic handset volume control
Model NumberKX-TS500


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Kx-TS500 Panasonic phone 

Kx-TS500 Panasonic phone is elegantly designed to blend well with the interior decor, this phone comes in black and white colors, this phone is cost effective hence give the organization value for its money due to its high performance. 

  • The Panasonic KX-TS500 is a basic corded extension phone with limited features. Here are the detailed specifications in bullet point form:

    • Type:

      • Corded extension phone
    • Display:

      • No display
    • Keypad:

      • Standard numeric keypad with dialing buttons
    • Caller ID:

      • No Caller ID display
    • Phonebook:

      • No phonebook or memory storage
    • Redial:

      • Basic last number redial feature
    • Ringer Volume:

      • Adjustable ringer volume with multiple levels
    • Handset Volume:

      • Adjustable handset volume
    • Speakerphone:

      • No speakerphone functionality
    • Headset Jack:

      • No headset jack
    • Wall Mountable:

      • Yes, it can be wall-mounted
    • Flash Button:

      • Flash button for call waiting or call transfer on some models
    • Call Waiting:

      • Basic call waiting support
    • Power Source:

      • Powered via a standard electrical outlet
    • Dimensions:

      • Varies by model but generally compact and lightweight
    • Weight:

      • Varies by model, typically lightweight
    • Color Options:

      • Available in various colors
    • Additional Features:

      • May include mute button, pause button, and other basic functions