Risco GSM module Kenya

by Risco

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Risco GSM module Kenya

Risco GSM module Kenya Advanced GSM/GPRS Modules (AGM) provides primary or backup cellular communication for reporting to up to 3 central stations. Reporting is performed via the GSM voice channel, or with encryption via the GPRS or SMS channels,GSM module in conjunction with RISCO Group’s IP/GSM Receiver at the central station.

Remote Upload/Download programming over GSM, of RISCO Group’s ProSYS or WisDom security systems, is achieved using the GSM data channel; faster compared to U/D over PSTN.Risco GSM moduleAGM Universal Version is compatible with any control panel, supporting central station reporting of all

Risco GSM module panel protocols via the GSM voice channel. A unique feature is the capability to remotely activate an output via CLIP control, without any call charges.
Risco GSM module All AGMs support prepaid SIM cards, enabling notification of SIM credit level to the end user or monitoring station.