Solar Street 12W LED / Garden Complete Security Light

by powermax

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Model No BS-ML-6 BS-ML-9 BS-ML-12
Lamp Power 6W 9W 12W
Solar Panel 12W/5V 25W/5V 40W/5V
Lithium Battery 10AH/3.2V 20AH/3.2V 32AH/3.2V
lumens 600-720LM 1200-1440LM 1500-1800LM
Working Mode light control   /  time control  /  time&microwave control /  microwave control
Color Temperature 3000-6500 Kelvin
Light Control Voltage 1V
Illumination(stand by) 30%
Lighting Last 20s
Sensor Area <33 Feet (<10 Meters)
Charge Time 6-8 Hours
Discharge Time 3 Rainy Days
Working Temperature -4F~140F (-20C~+60C)
Lifetime >50,000 Hours
Material High Quality Aluminum Alloy, Die-cast Aluminum
Mounting Height for Best Visibility 10-20 ft (3-6m)
Brand Bluesmart
Place of Production mainland Chima


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Solar Street 12W LED / Garden Complete Security Light 

Solar Street 12W LED / Garden Complete Security Light is compact, unique and easy to install. 12W LED area light can be pole, post or wall mounted. 12W LED solar light automatically illuminates at dusk at 33% brightness and reverts to 100% brightness when motion is detected.It consists of a discrete solar panel installed on the top on the fixture, with a lithium battery installed inside, and a cluster of powerful white COB/LEDs on the under-side of the unit.

12W LED solar light under it is a motion sensor. When it detects activity within the light switches to full brightness mode and when the area is free of activity it will revert back to its ambient mode at approximately 1/3rd power. 12 Watt LED solar light is in one light fixture may be a good choice for windy locations based on is compact design.

The large version with its 1350/2400 Lumen output makes it the most powerful LED motion detector light on the market .They are suitable for parks,gardens,yard and squres and so on.What a excellent led solar light is!

Solar LED Street Lights Specification:

?Solar led street light Solar led street light Item ENSL-20W-S04 ENSL-30W-S04 ENSL-40W-S04 ENSL-50W-S04 ENSL-60W-S04 ENSL-70W-S04 ENSL-80W-S04 ENSL-100W-S04 ENSL-120W-S04 Warranty
Power 20W 30W 40W 50W 60W 70W 80W 100W 120W 3 Years
Voltage 12VDC 12VDC 12VDC 24VDC 24VDC 24VDC 24VDC 24VDC 24VDC
Lumen 2400lm 3600lm 4800lm 6000lm 7200lm 8400lm 9600lm 12000lm 14400lm
Light Efficiency 120lm/W
Color 3000K/4000K/6000K
CRI 80
Beam Angle 140° * 60°
LED Chips Bridgelux
IP Rating IP66
Lifespan 50,000 Hrs
?Solar led street light panel Solar led street light panel Type high-efficiency crystalline PV module 5 Years
Specification 70Wp 17V 100Wp 17V 140Wp 17V 180Wp 35.5V 200Wp 36.5V 2pcs*120Wp 17.5V 2pcs*130Wp 17.5V 2pcs*150Wp 17.5V 2pcs*180Wp 35.5V
IP Rating IP65
Lifespan 25 Years
Solar led street light Controller Solar led street light Controller   Specification 12V/24V auto-sensing, 10A; light/time intelligent control, high-efficient and accurate charging control 2 Years
IP Rating IP68
Lifespan 10 Years
Solar led street light battery?Solar led street light battery Type solar special use valve-regulated fully sealed lead-acid battery, deep cycle, free maintenance type 2 Years
Specification 12V65AH 12V100AH 12V150AH 2pcs* 12V85AH 2pcs* 12V100AH 2pcs* 12V120AH 2pcs* 12V130AH 2pcs* 12V130AH 2pcs* 12V170AH
Lifespan 5-6Years
Solar led street light pole Solar led street light pole Specification Q235 steel grade; hot-dip galvanized and spray coated treatment, Resistant to Wind ?160KM/H 5 Years
Height 4m 5m 6m 7m 8m 8m 8m 9m 10m
Lifespan 20 Years

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