Vertiv Liebert 6 way Power Extension Cable

by D-link

KES 3,000 Excl. Tax KES 3,100
  • Six surge protected outlets
  • Spacing for three transformer blocks without covering other outlets
  • Thermal fuses inhibits destructive surges even if the surge suppressor has failed
  • High Joule rating Indicates a greater ability to absorb high energy surges without damage
  • Surge protection available indicator On/off switch with circuit breaker
  • Six-foot line cord
  • EMI/RFI filtration eliminates electrical noise


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Vertiv Liebert 6 way Power Extension Cable 

  • Outlets: Provides six additional power outlets
  • Length: Varies, often available in different lengths (e.g., 2 meters, 3 meters)
  • Plug Type: Usually equipped with a standard plug for wall sockets
  • Outlets Type: Typically standard power outlets for various devices
  • Cable Type: Generally made with durable materials for safety and longevity
  • Voltage and Current Rating: Designed to handle specific voltage and current ratings (e.g., 110-240V, 10-15A)
  • Usage: Intended for extending power supply to multiple devices from a single source
  • Safety Features: May include surge protection or overcurrent protection