Wireless remote Buttons


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Model No.: 0021134 (CQ-4) Shell Color: black Channel/Button: 4 Button Symbol: A, B, C, D Operating Voltage: 6V (2 x CR2016 -3V button cell batteries, can be used for 12 months) Operating Current: ?12mA Operating Frequency: 433Mhz Encoding Chip: EV1527 Encoding Type: Learning code (up to 1 million codes, reducing code collision and unauthorized code scanning possibilities.) Transmitting Distance: 50m / 150ft (theoretically) The distance of 50m is a theoretical data, it shall be operated in an open ground, no barriers, no any interference. But in the practice, it will be hindered by trees, walls or other constructions, and will be exposed to some interference by other signals. Therefore, the actual distance may or may not reach 50m. Modulation Mode: ASK



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Wireless remote Buttons 

Wireless remote Buttons is Suitable for use only with MicroCue, the 3-button wireless remote control provides for default Forward, Back and Go-to-Black cues and a laser pointer. Wireless remote Buttons dustproof structure and the high-performance metal contact button are used for durable service, IP65 protection level: Dust-proof structure, it can also be used in high oil and high humidity environment.

Wireless remote Buttons Anti-dropping connection buckle, Wireless remote Buttons front and rear cover sides of the receiver are provided with buckle. When the user opens the shell, it can ensure a stable and reliable electrical connection. Wireless remote Buttons damping rubber fixed on the receiver can fully reduce the effect of equipment vibration on the performance of the remote controller.

Wireless remote Buttons has a Build in button battery, providing long service time. 100% brand new and high quality wireless remote control. Wireless remote Buttons  Maximum control distance up to 100 meters in the open air, low interference. The product is particularly resistant to interference and is not subject to particularly strong disturbances in the open air. It has a deep control distance to meet your daily needs.

Wireless remote Buttons specification

  • Transmitts and Receives at 433.92MHz Frequency
  • Transmitter operates with WRC-R2
  • Transmitter features Pendant Keychain type housing
  • Receiver includes 12”, 8-Wire Pigtail for Quick InstallationPTHQ
  • Capacity to learn up to 30 Transmitters codes per Receiver unit via onboard Learning Button and Status LED
  • 4 field-selectable Operation Modes: Timed (3s): Remote button “A” activates relay “A” for 3 seconds (fixed); remote button “B” activates relay “B” for 3 seconds (fixed). Both relays may be activated at the same time.