500 VA Inverter Sollatek

by Luminous

KES 13,000 Excl. Tax
  • High operation T° range (up to 65°C)
  • 500VA module offering up to 4000VA Solution
  • AC distribution included 2 x IEC sockets with 10 Amps
  • Fuse protection
  • High power density
  • IP 20 protection front and rear.


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500 VA Inverter Sollatek 

500 VA Inverter Sollatek is a unique digital home UPS unit that offers easy-to-understand settings for user-friendly operation. The inverter is perfect to support an array of household appliances like bulbs, CFLs, TV, Fan, Computer, Mobile Charger etc. during power-cuts. The machine is quite handy because of its compact structure and lightweight. It is paired with an in-built battery.

The whole device can be installed anywhere of your choice. 500 VA Inverter is powered by MicroController Based Design which is the most effective and well-accepted UPS technology. It fabricates energy in Quasi Square Waveform. As the device acts as an electronic power converter turning DC into AC and utilizes this AC when power goes out, your home does not need any extra power back-up system. 500 VA Inverter Auto Reset function handles overload by closing down the system automatically.

Reverse Battery Discharge safeguards the machine from a wrong battery connection. During critically low voltage, Deep Discharge Protection shuts down the system. It has many safety features like Multi-Stage Circuit Protection, Scr Short Circuit Protection, No Load Shutdown etc. Sollatek 500VA and Input Voltage is 12V. This UPS can operate on wide input voltage range without being damaged by abrupt voltage fluctuations.

Sollatek 500 VA Inverter specifications

Output Power: 0.5 KVA
Voltage: 12 V
Technology: Micro Controller Based Design
WaveForm: Quasi Square wave
Recharge Time: 8 Hr(s)
Warranty: 2 Year(s)
Features: Auto Reset Function, Battery Deep Discharge Protection System, Lonl Mode, Multi Stage Short Circuit Protection, No Load Shutdown, Scr Short Circuit Protection
Segments: Home
Color: White
Protection: Battery Deep Discharge

Sollatek  500VA Inverter Price

 Sollatek 500 VA Inverter