Ex-UK Monitors prices kenya

by HP

KES 12,000 Excl. Tax KES 13,000

Ex-UK Monitors prices kenya



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Ex-UK Monitors prices 

Looking for an affordable yet quality desktop computer monitor in Kenya, look no more, mtech networks is the leading Ex-uk monitor dealer in Nairobi Kenya, we stork HP monitors, Dell monitors,

Lenovo monitors, and other brands all at an affordable price. Our monitors are very clean and of high quality, call us today or visit our shops.

DELL 19 Inch TFT Monitor Square Ksh 5,000 Buy
HP 19 inch LCD TFT monitor Ksh 7,000 Buy
Lenovo 20 inch LCD TFT Monitor Ksh 6,500 Buy
Hp 20 Inches-Square TFT Monitor Ksh 6,500 Buy
Samsung 22 Inch TFT monitors Ksh 8,000 Buy
HP 22 Inch TFT Monitor Ksh 8,000 Buy
DELL 22 Inch TFT Monitor Ksh 8,000 Buy
HP 17 Inch TFT Monitors Ksh 5,000 Buy
HP 24 Inch TFT Monitor Ksh 13,000 Buy