Skyworth 32 inch HD LED Digital TV Black


KES 19,500 Excl. Tax KES 29,000
  • 1366 X768 resolution
  • Dolby Digital Surround Sound
  • 32 inches screen size and LED type display
  • Digital TV with inbuilt digital tuner
  • 2HDMI ports and 1 USB port
  • Supports DV3-T2 (digital/satellite broadcasting)
  • MHL connectivity


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Skyworth 32E2000 32 inch HD LED Digital TV Black 

 32 inch HD LED Digital TV Black is equipped with two inbuilt speakers that generates high quality, immersive soothing audio, comes with an internal equalizer hence it is not a must one buy separate speakers for the TV.

High definition viewing

Skyworth 32E2000 32 inch HD LED Digital TV Black comes with a 32 inch screen that upgrade the viewing in to another dimension. with it's massive colors combination it illuminate high quality, sharper and high contrast pictures.


HD LED skyworth 32 inch TV has two HDMI ports hence it can be connected to more than one console and 1 USB port that can be used either to connect smartphones or tablets.  

Skyworth  32 inch HD LED Digital TV Black specifications

  • Display:

    • Screen Size: 40 inches
    • Display Type: LED or OLED
    • Resolution: Full HD (1080p)
  • Smart Features:

    • Smart TV: Yes
    • Operating System: [Insert operating system, e.g., Android TV, Smart TV platform]
    • Voice Control: [Yes/No]
    • Built-in Apps: [List of pre-installed apps]
  • Processor and Memory:

    • Processor: [Insert processor details]
    • RAM: [Insert RAM size]
    • Storage: [Insert internal storage size]
  • Connectivity:

    • HDMI ports: [Insert number]
    • USB ports: [Insert number]
    • Wi-Fi: [Insert Wi-Fi standard]
    • Ethernet: [Yes/No]
    • Bluetooth: [Yes/No]
  • Audio:

    • Audio Output: [Insert wattage or speaker configuration]
    • Sound Technology: [If any, e.g., Dolby Audio]
  • Remote Control:

    • Remote Type: [Standard or Smart Remote]
    • Voice Control: [Yes/No]
  • Dimensions and Weight:

    • Dimensions without stand: [Insert dimensions]
    • Dimensions with stand: [Insert dimensions]
    • Weight: [Insert weight]
  • Power:

    • Power Consumption: [Insert watts]
    • Power Supply: [Insert voltage]
  • Additional Features:

    • [Any additional features such as HDR support, gaming mode, etc.]