Vention DVI (24+1) Male to HDMI Female Adapter

by Vention

KES 600 Excl. Tax KES 1,500


1. DVI to HDMI adapter, support resolution up to 1080P.

2. 1080P HD visual effect.

3. Dual transmission.

4. Connect to DVI monitors.

5. Fastening nut design.

6. Gold plated interface.

7. PVC environmental shell.

Model NumberDVI to HDMI Adapter


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Vention DVI (24+1) Male to HDMI Female Adapter 

Vention DVI (24+1) Male to HDMI Female Adapter interface is suitable for many devices, and DVI interface (24+1) or (24+5) can be used. DVI (24+1) Male to HDMI Female Adapter  Based on TMDS conversion, differential signals are used to transmit digital signals, reduce electromagnetic interference, and improve the speed and reliability of signal transmission.

DVI (24+1) Male to HDMI Female Adapter supports 1080P picture is clearer and supports 1920x1080@60Hz. it is resistance to pluggable gold plated interface, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, no rust, sensitive contact. DVI (24+1) Male to HDMI Female Adapter is made with high purity copper core, double aluminum foil shielding, stable and undistorted picture.

Vention DVI (24+1) Male to HDMI Female Adapter has  anti interference dual magnetic ring, effectively shielding EMI/FRI electromagnetic interference, signal transmission stability (Note: This product is more than 8 meters with magnetic ring. DVI (24+1) Male to HDMI Female Adapter environmental protection PVC cable is strong and durable, without cracking and not bursting.

Applicable equipment: 1. Display device: projector, television, display. 2. Output devices: computers, game consoles, smart boxes. 3. Used to connect HDMI devices with DVI24+1/24+5 interface devices.

Vention DVI (24+1) Male to HDMI Female Adapter specifications

  • Product Name: Vention DVI (24+1) Male to HDMI Female Adapter
  • Connector 1: DVI (24+1) male connector
  • Connector 2: HDMI female connector
  • Function: Converts DVI signals to HDMI signals
  • DVI Compatibility: Supports DVI (24+1) dual-link and DVI (24+5) single-link formats
  • HDMI Compatibility: Supports HDMI 1.4 and earlier versions
  • Video Support: Transmits high-definition video signals up to 1080p (Full HD)
  • Audio Support: This adapter does not transmit audio signals. Separate audio cable or speakers may be required for audio output.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with devices that have a DVI (24+1) or DVI (24+5) output, such as computers, graphics cards, and DVI monitors, and HDMI displays, monitors, projectors, or TVs
  • Construction: High-quality materials for durability and reliable performance.
  • Plug and Play: No additional drivers or software required for installation
  • Compact Design: Portable and easy to carry for convenient use and travel
  • Quality Assurance: Manufactured by Vention, a reputable brand known for its high-quality audio/video products