Advantages / Benefits of Panasonic offices telephone system

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Advantages / Benefits of Panasonic offices telephone system



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Benefits of installing Panasonic PBX offices phone solutions

Panasonic systems support your staff's mobile communications so they can keep in touch wherever they're working  using their own device if they wish. And with reliability built-in, our business phone systems deliver some of the best Total Cost of Ownership figures in the industry.


Panasonic phone system is developed in a way that they cater for everyone in the market, from a small organization that doesn’t require a huge number of extensions to a huge organization that requires connections to their many branches around the world.


Panasonic phone system range covers an extensive number of office communication products, from simple digital systems with traditional desk-based handsets to advanced IP-based network communications platforms for large organizations based in multiple locations.


Panasonic Phone Systems offer business-friendly features and functionality  The Panasonic analog telephone systems permit you to migrate to an IP phone systems gradually.


Panasonic IP Hybrid PBX Systems give you all the feature-rich functionality youd expect, and offer the best of both worlds, with an industry-leading mix of reliable PBX products enhanced with all the advantages in IP technology.

The reason as to why you should choose the Panasonic phone system

  • Never miss a client’s call again with a forward to your cell phone feature available from your desk phone or from your voice mail greeting.
  • Have a superior cordless phone that allows you to roam freely in your building or warehouse.
  • Use your computer as a telephone for any time/anywhere access to your phone systems’ features. Road warriors, salespeople, and support staff use all the advanced desktop productivity tools just like they were in the office.
  • Listen to your voice mail via your email or cell phone while you are out of the office.
  • With the use of the Communication Assistant, when a voicemail caller speaks quickly, softly, or is otherwise hard to understand, use on-screen voicemail controls to pause, rewind, adjust playback speed, and control volume to easily hear their message.
  • Make and transfer calls to any extension on your phone system including phones at different locations.
  • Search, add, and manage contacts more quickly and powerfully than ever.
  • Streamline your operations with a single Panasonic phone system that can handle multiple companies. By using unique ring tones to identify which company is being called, a centralized receptionist can easily answer and route calls.

Advantages of Panasonic office system Panasonic VoIP phone system might be the answer you’re looking for. This VoIP phone system offers a dependable solution for enterprise-level companies. Depending on the size of your network, our technicians can install your VoIP system in one business day and will follow up with 24/7 web hosting and monitoring. Check out 3 major advantages to ordering your Panasonic VoIP phone system.


1. Panasonic supports Multiple Extensions

From as little as 2 to as many as 1,000, you can have as many extensions as your company needs. Panasonic VoIP phone systems easily configure to small, medium, or corporate-sized businesses, and can expand to meet the needs of a growing company.

2. Compatible with other brands of phones

Panasonic VoIP systems accommodate a wide variety of applications. Because VoIP phone systems use the internet to transmit data and voice, you can use the phone system anywhere you have access to an internet connection. Remote employees, laptop or mobile users, and anyone with a wireless connection are just a few examples of those who benefit from this telecommunication system. The Panasonic VoIP system accommodates alternative brand equipment, so there’s no need to purchase a completely new phone system when the company begins to expand.

3. Panasonic office phone is Cost-Effective 

VoIP systems can eliminate charges from the local traditional phone company. In addition, VoIP service providers often offer lower rates than traditional phone sources. Since almost all businesses already have to pay for their internet, some consider VoIP systems to be free, as they utilize the full capacity of their network.