Biometric Employee Time Attendance System

by Zkteco

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Biometric Time Attendance offers the next level performance when it comes to keeping track of employees work attendance, it also offers payroll servics when customized



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Biometric Employee Time Attendance System

Biometric Time Attendance System is designed to capture when employee clocks in and when they clock out in the evening, Biometric time attendance helps Human capital is one asset that is hard to track when you dont have the right technology, 


Biometric Time Attendance Package mtech will make sure you have value for your money by tracking the time that employees leave and report for work. This package includes Access reader, Biometric, card and code -K40, System Cable 8 Core 100m, Power Supply Unit Amp + Battery, 650VA UPS and labour all under one package.


Biometric time attendance system offers a tamper-proof and secure employee tracking system. The biometric time attendance system enables the management to know to clock in and clocking out of employees, it also helps to calculate time used by casuals who are out of the office, when they perform a task out of the office.


Biometric time attendance system brings out accuracy in electronically staff management since registration is made by use of fingerprint, iris scanning, and RFID card scanning chances of cheating is minimized compared to when using the manual register.


Biometric time attendance captures and stores individual employees fingerprints and iris scanned, the captured information helps management in the decision-making process. The report offered by biometric time attendance system is detailed yet very easy to comprehend.


Futures of Biometric time attendance

  • Biometric time attendance system has a simple user interface, the data is represented with a user-friendly graphical representation. The interface is an easy one to learn and understand hence any employee may be assigned to be monitoring the attendance. Biometric attendance system has a web-based dashboard that supports real-time updates for employees logs.
  • Biometric attendance system has an IP based connectivity, Attendance supports TCP/IP communication protocol, i.e connections can be done via RJ45 connections. It also has a USB port that enables the user to download logs and transfers them to laptops.
  • Biometric attendance system helps organize employees' shifts and schedules, Biometric creates shifts customizable based on organizational needs, Biometric attendance modules allow the shift manager to create periodical schedules to be followed by employees.
  • Biometric time attendance system helps creates time attendance policies, it creates an interface that will help to implement organizational rules. Biometric time attendance system defines standard working hours and overtime. The time attendance system defines working hours, and also depicts overtime.

  Biometric staff management system can be integrated into the employee's payroll system. When integrated into the payroll system it will enable the organization to pay employees based on work done.


Since employee's data is captured into the system, issues of ghost workers are completely eliminated in the organization. Integration with the payroll software leads to automatic updating of the payroll modules, Since biometric attendance system is compatible with HR and payroll software, there will be no need to manually update the employee attendance register.


With these integrations the human resource personnel gets real-time updates. Biometric time and attendance system is designed to provide high-level biometric solutions as a stand-alone machine, it delivers an outstanding performance in a networked environment, Fingerprint attendance system has been    


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Access reader, Biometric, card and code -K40 pcs 1
System Cable 8 Core 100m pcs 1
Power Supply Unit Amp + Battery pcs 1
650VA UPS pcs 1
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