Biometric staff Time attendance management system

by Zkteco

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Biometric staff attendance fingerprint and facial recognition are the two most used forms for biometric identification since it is considered as the most reliable and secure method in terms of its uniqueness.



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Biometric staff Time attendance management system

Biometric staff attendance solves the problems raised from manual attendance systems, Employers have started to take advantage of biometric systems as they reduce the workload and fatigue of keeping a manual attendance register. Personnel management is very significant in the administration and management of organizations.


Lack of security and extensive paperwork in the traditional systems reveal that there is a need for a new approach for personal verification and employee identification technologies, that why we propose a biometric staff attendance system.


Biometric staff attendance fingerprint and facial recognition are the two most used forms for biometric identification since it is considered as the most reliable and secure method in terms of its uniqueness. There are plenty of personnel staff attendance control systems in the market both for multinational companies or small companies.


However, the number of web-based forms of these staff attendance systems is limited. Web-based personnel attendance control systems is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing technologies that enables instant data flow and reporting.


MTECH NETWORKS design and implement a web-based Staff | time attendance system for personnel in an organization by using a biometric system (fingerprints and facial recognition combining with RFID card and password authentication) and support managers to make effective and efficient decision-making process.


Biometric staff fingerprint system is effective due to the fact the fact that no two individuals have the same fingerprints and face shape increases the system security. It can be also asserted that, since fingerprints and facial structure remains unchanged throughout the lifetime, it remains unique and sustainable.


Biometric employee attendance system devices take a number of measurements from an individual then digitally process the result of these measurements and save this representation of the individual's traits into a template. Templates are then stored in a database associated with the device or in a smartcard given to the individual.


Educational institutions have also started to use Biometric staff and student systems both for student attendance and personnel attendance. Due to these reasons, researchers have started to pay more attention to the use of biometric technology for attendance management systems.


Biometric attendance technology creates affordability, acceptability, and sustainability in an organization and finds out that fingerprint is the best biometric technology system that can sustainably solve the lingering problem of staff attendance in the proposed organization.


Biometric Attendance Monitoring System (BAMS) a case study of Nairobi county, revealed that BAMS greatly contributes in providing employees' ease and improving work values. Likewise, it encourages personnel to pay more attention to in and out times.


biometric recognition systems in existence today and the main ones are listed as Fingerprint, Retina, DNA, Face, Hand Geometry, Sound, Face Thermogram, and Iris. In recent times, the fingerprint has become the most mature and popular biometrics technology used in automatic personnel identification.

Biometric time attendance system is developed using PHP, C# server-side scripting language, and CSS, HTML, JavaScript for designing which is fully meet the system's goals. In terms of effectiveness and efficiency, it saves valuable time, eliminates paperwork and provides instant reports in comparison to traditional attendance systems.


ZKteco staff| Employee Time attendance system

BioTime 7.0 is a powerful web-based time attendance software that offers the most innovative features a time attendance software can offer.


It provides stable communication for devices through LAN/WAN/Wi-Fi/GPRS/3G. Users can access to the software anywhere by their web browser to remotely manage thousands of T&A terminals under complex network (WLAN).   The software features a simple access control module that can connect to ZKTeco standalone access control terminals.


Another outstanding feature is the payroll module that calculates employees' wages according to their workloads and can generate WPS report easily. Biometric time attendance system  An Automatic Synchronisation function is available to automatically synchronize data between devices and servers in the same Area.


With its new user-friendly UI, managing timetable, shifting schedule, and generating attendance report have become easily managed.

Biometric Time attendance terminal one unit setup from Mtech  

Particulars Unit Total
Zkteco K40 Time Attendance Terminal 1 14,000
Power supply Unit + Battery 1 6,500
Zktime time attendance software 5.0 1 Free
8 Core Alarm Cable 1 2,500
Cat 6 Ethernet cable 30m 900
Installation 1 8,000
Total 1 31,900