Mecer Smart and Backup UPS

Mecer UPS is the undisputable King when it comes to the most effective, reliable and cost-friendly UPS in the market. Mecer uninterrupted power supply UPS, as well as Mecer Online UPS, protects your equipment from any damage as a result of a power surge, current overflow, and inconsistent power supply

Mecer UPS best price Kenya comes in three categories, Mecer Offline UPS, Mecer smart online UPS and Mecer smart rackmount UPS This UPS  Mecer UPS are designed for small devices and for huge machines, Mecer 650 VA UPS, 850VA UPS, 1KVA UPS, 1.5KVA UPS, 2KVA UPS, 3KVA UPS, 6KVA UPS 10KVA UPS, 20KV UPS and 30KVA UPS  

Mecer UPS

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