KX-TG6711 Cordless panasonic phone

by Panasonic

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  • Hands Free Speakerphone on handset
  • Caller ID with 50 name and number call log
  • 100 name and number phonebook
  • Intercom between handsets
  • Clear sound
  • Polyphonic Ringer on handset
  • Locator button to find misplaced handset
  • Illuminated Display & Keypad
  • Wall mountable base unit


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KX-TG6711 Cordless Panasonic phone 

KX-TG6711 Cordless Panasonic phone is the ideal solution for businesses looking to reap the benefits of cloud communications. KX-TG6711 wireless phone is expandable to eight Panasonic or desktop phone. For organisation looking for value for their money, this is the phone to choose.


Panasonic KX-TG6711 phone large, backlit 1.8-inch screen is easy-to-read, and the simple menu screen lets you access functions without confusion. Panasonic KX-TG6711 phone keys do not protrude far from the handset, so they require only a gentle press and have a positive feel.


They also give the handset an attractive appearance. KX-TG6711 Panasonic phone High-precision error correction system ensures clear conversation with less voice interruptions, allowing you to enjoy a smooth, error-free conversation even when you're out in the backyard or garage, far away from the base unit.


KX-TG6711 Panasonic phone is easy to turn on eco mode by one touch pressing the eco button on the handset. In eco mode, the signal output is reduced by 90%. Panasonic KX-TG6711  phone base unit has a built-in battery, the user can continue talking from the cordless handset without any signal interruption for about 1 minute after a power outage.


Panasonic KX-TG6711  phone user can place a handset on the base unit and switch it to supply power from the handset. The user can then continue talking over the speakerphone or from a separate handset.


Panasonic KX-TG6711 has a reasonable battery life of 17 hours talk time and 180 hours of standby time due to its increased energy efficiency. Panasonic KX-TG6711 phone is suitable for day to day home use or reasonably intense office use. It also has a quality speakerphone with clear voice reproduction so you can chat whilst performing small tasks.


Panasonic KX-TG6711 is easily set up and can be put straight into use merely minutes after installing. This is made easier by the handsets intuitive yet simple menu system. Panasonic KX-TG6711  phone useful features on the phone are practically viewed due to the 4 line display which makes filling the 100 names and number, caller ID compatible memory very simple.


Panasonic KX-TG6711  phone contacts can then be personalised by being given their own ring tone, chosen from the 16 polyphonic tones available.

Panasonic KX-TG6711 Specification

Display and Keypad

  • Large amber display 1.8" Monochrome (103 x 65 pixels)
  • Backlight colour : Amber
  • Display colours : Monochrome
  • Amber illuminated keypad
  • Easy to Use Handset


  • Handset ringers : Polyphonic (30 melodies)
  • Volume Control : 6-Step + OFF
  • Receiver Volume: 4-Step
  • Speakerphone : 6-Step + OFF
  • Microphone mute

Call Management

  • Caller ID Caller
  • ID Memory: 50 stations
  • Call Share
  • Conference Call with outside Line
  • Intercom (Handset to Handset)
  • Voice AOH
  • Any Key Answer
  • Mute (Soft key)
  • Redial Memory: 10

Handset Features

  • Date & time display
  • Alarm Clock
  • Key Lock
  • Ringer Pattern: 5 tones | 10 melodies
  • Ringer/ Charger Indicator
  • Signal strength indication
  • Antenna : Integrated on base; Integrated on handset
  • Name and caller ID
  • Call log entries : 50
  • Phonebook : 100 names and numbers

Base functions & other facts

  • Eco Ideas - Standby power consumption reduced by 63 %
  • GAP Compatible
  • Repeater compatible
  • Expandable up to 6 handsets
  • Wall mountable
  • Base dimensions : 126 mm x 126 mm x 55 mm
  • Handset dimensions : 48 mm x 30 mm x 158 mm
  • Battery type : AAA NiMH Rechargeable
  • Charge time : 7 hours
  • Mains power : AC 220-240V - 50Hz
  • Number of batteries : 2 per handset
  • Standby time : Up to 170 hours
  • Talk time : Up to 18 hours
  • Base Weight : 140 grams
  • Handset Weight : 130 grams
  • Range inside: up to 50 meters
  • Range outside: up to 300 meters

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